About us

Back in 2006, email was still cool, “bros” were just called “assholes” and blogs were becoming mainstream. Eric was sending out his weekly thoughts on the Eagles to select list of friends via email and Keith was building websites for fun and all too occasionally, profit.

Like a lot of roommates in Silicon Valley, over a few beers, without any financing and bolstered by subjective praise from family and friends, they decided to take the small personal project to the internet. They would take the weekly email list to a broader audience, make it easier for both readers and authors, become financially solvent and wildly famous. Hence, the Eagles Roundtable blog was born.

Thirteen years on, the blog continues, fueled by the passion of fans and a distinct lack of sleep. Lots has happened over the years, but the Roundtable remains a constant source of informed analysis, biting commentary and true to its original motto — by Eagles fans, for Eagles fans.