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Ladies and Gentlemen:

When I worked in the restaurant business we had a saying:

“Arithmetic is not an opinion”

In other words 2+2=4. 

That’s a fact. It’s indisputable.

And numbers matter. They can tell you a lot about things. 

Like 40, for example. 

That’s how many points the Eagles scored in their victory over the New Orleans Saints. It’s a big number in NFL terms.


That’s how many points New Orleans scored in the fourth quarter.


That’s how many points the Saints scored in the previous three quarters. Which would make anyone who didn’t watch the game or doesn’t know much about football wonder how the score got so close. As Dominic “Dom does bongs” Pendino, my High School physics teacher, would say when he would pose a theory and no one would follow up with the question until he himself had to ask it…

“Glad you asked!”

The Eagles, who were crushing the Saints all day by pressuring the quarterback and providing different defensive looks decided to go into a prevent defense. Teams do this all of the time. It explains why the Eagles made some of their earlier games close when they really had no chance of scoring that many points had the opposing team not pumped the brakes a little bit.

I never understood why teams did this. Keep the pressure on. Keep sending extra guys in on the blitz. Keep doing what works until the opposing quarterback can figure it out. The same thing applies to the offense. Why stop doing what you are doing until maybe the last few minutes of the game? Keep adjusting and keep pounding your opponent into submission until there really is no doubt about who is going to win. 

As Coach John Madden always said:

“The only thing the prevent defense prevents you from doing is winning.”


Jalen Hurts rushed for 24 yards on the Eagles final play of their last scoring drive. This was the last nail in the coffin and the juke that Hurts put on Saints Defensive End Carl Granderson made all of the highlight films and will be legendary. Granderson’s jock strap is still resting on the 30-yard line at Lincoln Financial Field.


This was Jalen’s third rushing touchdown of the day. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that he has some unique skills. We know he’s not perfect but he has definitely earned, at the very least, another year as the starter. Why are the Eagles/Howie Roseman still even entertaining the idea of trading their first round draft picks for Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson? Why do I have to even ask this question every damn week? They can restock and reload on defense! AAAHHHHH!!!!


As in the highest. The highest quarterback rating in the NFL over the last five weeks. Held by Jalen Hurts. What was it I said a moment ago. Oh yeah…AAAHHHH!!!


That is Darius Slay’s rating on Pro Football Focus. This makes him the highest graded player after Week 11.

Speaking of Pro Football Focus…


It’s the ranking of the Eagles as a team. In other words Pro Football Focus has the Eagles ranked as the seventh best team in the league. 

I know. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. I guarantee you that only the most optimistic/stupid Eagles fans would rank the Eagles higher than 25 other teams in the NFL. 


Jack Driscoll was the 4th highest graded of ALL offensive linemen in week 11 (85.9).


Landon Dickerson has the 2nd highest run block win rate among all NFL guards, per ESPN (76 %). Maybe this experiment with drafting an injured player who should have went in an earlier round will work out better than the Sydney Jones debacle.

2, again.

As in the Eagles rank in missed tackles. In other words the Eagles are second in the league in missed tackles. Not great.

2, for a third time.

The number of times that Bryce Harper has won the National League MVP. Zach Wheeler was the runner up for the National League Cy Young award. And the Phillies still failed to make the playoffs.


That’s the points that Tyrese Maxey scored last Monday when the Sixers, down to only eight active players, upset the Sacramento Kings. He is doing his best to make us forget about Ben Simmons and his whiny, bitch-ass holdout. 

3, again. 

As in the Three Headed Monster, Part II. That is what the Eagles running backs should be known as going forward. There has to be touches for Miles Sanders, Jordan Howard and Boston Scott. Think back to Duce Staley, Correll Buckhalter and Brian Westbrook. 

Or, maybe we should call this group…wait for it…Earth, Wind and Fire! Jordan Howard moves the earth, Boston Scott runs like the wind and Miles Sanders provides the spark that lights fire (when he doesn’t fumble or run out of bounds when the Eagles are trying to milk the clock). Genius! I should probably check to see if that moniker is taken.

Damn. I though I had something there.


That’s the time that was left in the second quarter when the Eagles ran “The Play.” 

What’s “The Play?”

Mr. Pendino?

“Glad you asked?”

The Play is a formation I always used to call, inspired by my stepfather, when we played sandlot football. It was basically three receivers to the left (or right) of the quarterback. All three receivers run up about 10-15 yards and then the outside receiver cuts underneath the other two. The defender cannot react in time and if the quarterback is accurate it cannot be defended. You could mix it up by having the man in the middle cut or the inside receiver cut to the outside or line up two receivers to the left of the quarterback and one to the right in a tight formation, etc. It never failed to gain us 10-15 yards.

When the Eagles ran in it went for a 33-yard reception to Devonta Smith.

Of course, there is no comparison to 4-on-4 sandlot football and the sophisticated defenses employed by NFL Defensive coordinators but for the handful of guys who read this blog and remember those epic battles at Amherst field, Merion Elementary or Belmont Park in the snow perhaps that particular moment in the game resonated with them. 


That’s how many of the starters on the Eagles offense were drafted by the Birds (John Clark of NBC Sports gave us that one). That’s amazing. Howie Roseman likes reading this number.


It’s like how surprised San Franciscans are when I tell them that there is a famous sandwich in Philadelphia that is not a cheesesteak and has broccoli rabe in it. 

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One more number. Perhaps the most important.


As in squat, zilch, nil, nada, bubkiss.

That’s what all of those great numbers above will mean if the Eagles can’t beat the Giants on Sunday.


The Eagles are a 3.5 favorite over the Giants at the Meadowlands this Sunday. I don’t care how bad the Giants have looked and how good the Eagles have looked over the past few weeks. These games are always tough. These two teams know each other and the score is often close. 

The Giants just fired their offensive coordinator Jason Garrett so what we’ve seen on film the last 11 weeks is going to change. The Eagles are aware of this and have pulled up some tape on their new Offensive Coordinator, Freddie Kitchens. That’s good. 

Teams are going to start scheming against the Eagles running attack. I think the Eagles should just keep pounding the ball until someone figures out how to stop them. The Saints had the number one defense against the run and the Eagles just blew them up. We’ll see what the Giants can do. Because, as we have learned, it doesn’t matter what else happens on the field. If the Eagles can control the clock with their running game then they are unstoppable. 

Jordan Howard is out for this Sunday. That is a big hit as he was the Eagles most consistent runner these past four weeks. We’ll see if Miles Sanders, Boston Scott and Kenny Gainwell can keep this momentum going. Oh, and also Jalen Hurts. 

I’ll take the Eagles to barely cover on a mezzo mezzo play. 

So, I’ve been waiting until this week to unveil this RT exclusive. 

RT’s own Harry Straub, who mans the outpost in Minneapolis, played golf with Giants tight end Kyle Rudolph this past summer. Here is his account of that day:


I hope you are doing well. I thought I would drop you note with a story about how I brought you and the Roundtable up to the new Tight End for the NY Giants. I had the great fortune to attend the pro-am at this weeks 3M open PGA event.  Not only did I attend, but I caddied for a good customer of mine.  In our foursome we were paired with the 10 year MN Viking Kyle Rudolph and his dad caddying.  I got to spend 5 hours walking the course with Kyle and his father taking football, MN, his family, the children’s hospital he is passionate about and his dad told a horrific story about their families experience visiting Philadelphia during the Vikings/Eagles playoff game a few years back.  Needless to say, it was worse than you can imagine and I apologized for our fans disgusting behavior.  While talking to Kyle about the Giants,   my love of the Eagles and the rivalry I mentioned the Roundtable.  I also mentioned your love for the team and the fact that you live for the season.  

A long story that I will tell later, but he pulls an Eagles tee out of his pocket and asks his Dad to snap a photo with me.  He then says, “Send this to your buddy on the week we play the Eagles for his blog!”  So….. attached below is the photo, for you, and the Roundtable to enjoy.  (Btw, he is a HOUSE, I am standing on a hill to look taller)

At the end of the round I wished him 14 weeks of great success this year.  He is really a great guy, he signed every kids hat, took 100 photos and laughed with everybody that yelled his name.  Class act.  Sucks that he is playing for the Giants.  I hope you enjoy the photo and the story.  A Giant will now think of the Roundtable before playing the Eagles this season.  




Thank you, Strauby! 

And, thanks to Kyle Rudolph, too. Like Strauby said, we’ll be rooting for you, Buddy. Just not on Sunday.

Go Birds!

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  1. John
    November 28, 2021

    Another great read Eric. Thanks and Go Birds!!!

  2. Harry
    November 28, 2021

    Eric, thanks for including the Kyle Rudolph story. Great guy with a good sense of humor. Glad the Giants aren’t using him much, he is a good receiver and offensive threat.
    Tough first half for Hurts.

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