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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Chuck Noll was hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers to be their head coach in 1969. His record that year was 1-13. In 1970 he improved to 5-9. Then in 1971 his team went 6-8. 

In 1972 the Chuck Noll led Steelers broke through with an 11-3 season and eventually Noll’s teams would win four Super Bowls. 

Tom Landry was hired by the Dallas Cowboys in 1960.

His first season the ‘Pokes went 0-11-1. Zero wins. In 1961 they improved to 4-9-1. But it wasn’t until 1966, after four more losing seasons, that the Cowboys finally had a winning season. Landry went on to win two Super Bowls and appear in another three. 

Now, I ask you. 

Do you think any owner in 2021 would put up with three losing seasons before he jettisoned his coach back to coordinator purgatory? How about six?

In this win-now, 24 minute news cycle, InstaFace, Twittless social media dominated society that we have created, would any NFL owner be able to endure the criticism and ire of an unhappy fanbase that would come with that type of losing?

I know that you know where this is going but I’m not done yet.

Here is an exert from an article written by Jay Busbee, a sportswriter from Yahoo News, last Wednesday:

QB A) Threw a league-leading 28 interceptions and won just three of the 16 games he started. ‌

QB B) Started 11 games. Lost 11 games. Threw twice as many interceptions as touchdowns, and didn’t throw for many touchdowns. ‌

QB C) Didn’t complete a single one of the four passes he threw. Well, that’s not exactly true: his first pass in the NFL was a pick-six. He also threw another INT. So technically, he did complete half the passes he threw. ‌

QB D) Started eight games, lost six. Threw 13 interceptions, fumbled the ball 13 times, was sacked 46 times. ‌

You know exactly where I’m going with this. These players were A. Peyton Manning, B. Troy Aikman, C. Brett Favre and D. Andrew Walter, who briefly played for the Raiders in the mid-2000s. (Gotcha. Not everyone who has a terrible first season turns into a Hall of Famer.)

Since Busbee threw in a sinker so will I.

Joe Kuharic was hired by the Eagles in 1964. His first season he went 6-8. In five seasons he could only muster one winning season and in his last season, 1968, the Eagles went 2-12. Those two meaningless wins came in week 12 and 13 and accomplished the grand feat of costing the Birds the number one overall pick in the 1969 draft. The player drafted first that year was none other than Orenthal James Simpson. 

Good job, Joe.

The Rooney Family demonstrated patience. Tex Schramm was patient. Jim Mora, Jimmy Johnson and Mike Holmgren were composed and restrained.

Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman need to be patient too. 

Nick Sirianni is a first year head coach. Two weeks ago he looked like Bill Walsh. This week he looked like Rich Kotite. 

Jalen Hurts is essentially a rookie having started only seven games. Two weeks ago he looked like Russell Wilson. This week he looked like Geno Smith. 

It’s a long season. Two weeks ago I was saying that we should not get too excited. This week I’m saying that we should not pull the plug on the 2021 Eagles after three games. 

And to those “NFL Insiders,” stop talking about trading for DeShaun Watson. You know that Howie is itching to pull the trigger on that one but he needs to exercise self-control. Watson may be a good football player but his off-field complications and potential conviction/jail time make Michael Vick’s story look like a jaywalking citation. 

Three first round draft picks for that? 

Patience, Howie. Don’t mortgage our future. Like I have written before, if Hurts is a bust and Miami and Indy keep losing (assuming Wentz is still playing) then you will have three top ten picks in the first round of the 2022 draft. That is a boat load of capital.  Let’s see how Nick and Jalen do. 

Now all of that being said we can and should criticize that hunk of crap that was supposed to be a game plan. 

How do you run an offense and only hand off to Miles Sanders twice. Twice! How in the world can Siriannl call a game where there are only three called running plays to running backs? You hear coaches talk about getting the ball into the hands of the playmakers. Well, Miles Sanders is a playmaker. 

Did you see anyone in motion in any of the Eagles sets? It looked like a watered down pre-season offense where you don’t want to show too much to the other team’s defense. I just don’t understand how Sirianni called that game.

The worst part of it? He is setting up his quarterback to fail. The Birds were down three starting offensive linemen, Lane Johnson seems to be growing old right before our eyes and that’s the best he can do for his quarterback? Hurts played a bad game and missed a few easy throws but by the end of the second quarter he was running for his life. 

My greatest hope for Nick Sirianni as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles was contained in words he said at his very first train wreck of a press conference. He said that he would adapt his play calling to suit his personnel. 

Two running plays with a beat up offensive line and a rookie quarterback sure doesn’t seem like it. 

The Cowboys ran the ball often and well. Last week I wrote that Zeke alway has big games agains the Eagles. I truly understand why that is. 

Because the Eagles have undersized and under performing linebackers. 

Zeke’s productivity in the first two games were low and there were whispers that he was getting old and past his prime. Then he gets to play against the Birds. Many of his biggest games have been against the Eagles defense and their least favorite position. 

San Francisco ran through the Eagles run defense, too. Especially after Brandon Graham went down. Their best run stuffing defensive end was lost and it showed. Maybe they can move the linebackers in for better run support. Oh wait…

Honestly, this was a tough draw for the Eagles. The Cowboys were on an emotional high with Dak Prescott coming back to his home field for the first time since he injured his ankle. And there were a bunch of Cowboys Hall of Famers. That’s a lot to go up against especially when you fall behind early. This is why I did not bet on them. 

Speaking about betting.

The Eagles are a seven-point underdog at home against the defending AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Both of these teams are 1-3. Does anyone really believe that Big Red and the Chiefs are going to walk out of the Linc 1-4? KC is like a cornered wild animal right now. They have been to the last two Super Bowls and were a preseason favorite to go back again so they will look to this week as a chance to right their ship. Mahomes will operate very easily from the pocket and Travis Kelce will have a career day. The Chiefs defense can be scored on so if the Eagles put up some points and show that they can compete with the elite teams I will not punch any walls in my house if they lose. Even with seven points and the strong possibility of a back door cover I’m laying off of this one. 

By the way, did you see Jalen Hurts post game press conference?

We love potty humor here at the RT. 

I was most impressed by his willingness to take the responsibility of the loss on his shoulders. Gracious in victory and humble in defeat. It reminded me of this quote by the legendary Bear Bryant:

If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That’s all it takes to get people to win football games for you.

Jalen Hurts definitely has the leadership ability and many of the other off-field traits that you want in your starting quarterback. We just don’t know if he has the arm yet. 


Nick Sirianni has a fine pedigree, a great work ethic and says all of the right things. We just don’t know if he is a good coach yet.


I understand that’s a tall order. 

But it worked in 2017 with Doug Pederson and Nick Foles. 

I’m just saying. 

Speaking of potty humor…

Remember how I mentioned in the first essay of the season that we were trying to conserve water by living by the toilet flushing rule of “in it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down?”

Well, that plan took a big hit after we had asparagus for dinner.


Go Birds!

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  1. Cowboy Rou
    October 3, 2021

    Great read!! And you snuck Kotite and Geno Smith in there!! I think a lot of Birds Fan’s patience is going to be tested over the next 31 games! (The number of games Sirianni MIGHT have as the head coach.) Unfortunately, EVERY out of division game that the Eagles play, is against divisions leaders! Except that other green n white team from Jersey! Good luck!!

    Cowboy Roy

    October 3, 2021

    There has been a lot of focus on Sirianni’s play-calling. Yep, that was bad. But the much bigger concern for me is the complete lack of playmakers on defense. There is not one difference maker on that unit. Cox used to be, but not anymore. Hargraves has played awesome but other than him, there is no one who can really impact the game. The Cowboys, who everyone talks about as having an awful defense, have at least a few difference makers on that side of the ball. There’s a ton of focus on the QB position with the Eagles but there is a lot of work to be done to make the defense a legit playoff-caliber unit. One forced turnover in 3 games tells the story.

  3. keith
    October 3, 2021

    Editor’s Note: That game sucked so bad we cannot in good faith feature any photos of the players or coaches. Instead, here’s a cheerleader photo from the 49ers game.

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